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Wellness Links


We will try to provide you with informative and beneficial sites related to health services and animal care.  These links may be periodically updated.


Iridology Links

www.bernardjensen.com  - Iridology education, books, products.


Herbal Information

www.unitedplantsavers.org  - At-Risk medicinal plants.  Become a member and save endangered plants.  Free sign up when you take Kelley’s Eight Month Herbal Apprenticeship program-Honoring Herbal Traditions.

www.purpleshutter.com  - The best comprehensive herb store in the northeast!

www.sagemountain.com  - Classes, workshops, herbal education.  Home of Rosemary Gladstar.

www.perennialpleasures.net  - Amazing perennial herb gardens, tea, retail store.  Great place to buy already started herbs.  They ship potted herbs!

www.herbaled.org  - Information on individual herbs and body conditions.

www.medherb.com  - Articles, bookstore, herb database, pathology and physiology.


Animal Information

www.doggiestylesvt.com  - The best place for holistic dog grooming.  You can purchase Horsetail Herb Flower Essences here.

www.showmethebiscuit.com  - Retail pet store offering premade raw foods for cats and dogs.   You can purchase Horsetail Herb Flower Essences here.


Non-toxic Household Products

www.melaleuca.com  - Home cleaning, health, cosmetics and toiletry products, at wholesale prices.  Click on Products to learn more or sign up.


Essential Oils

www.youngliving.com  - Top of the line therapeutic essential oils.  Click on Products to learn more or sign up.

www.aromaweb.com  - Oil profiles and information about aromatherapy.

www.theguidetoaromatherapy.com  - Information on oils and symptoms.



www.naturalhorse.com  - Highly informative holistic equine magazine.

www.equinewellnessmagazine.com  - Another highly informative holistic equine magazine.

www.holistichorse.com  - Educational magazine for horses with an herbal edge.

www.animalwellness.com  - Great holistic magazine for small animals.

www.herbsforhealth.com  - Articles, information on using herbs medicinally.

www.herbquarterly.com  - Gardening, recipes, and articles about herbs.


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