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Animal Communication

"Telepathic communication is like a heartbeat – it’s happening within us all the time without our conscious awareness.” -Carol Gurney

Would you like to know what your animal is thinking and how they are feeling?

      Like us, animals experience a wide range of emotions and feelings such as joy, pleasure, pain, grief, anger, and sorrow. Animals are often a reflection of us, mirroring our own internal imbalances.  They will often act out things that are unresolved within us, things that need to be nurtured and healed.

    Our animal friends are here to guide us and teach us. When we take the time to observe and listen to them and regard them with respect, openness and as potential teachers, we can work towards healing ourselves on the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical levels.

    Animal Communication is telepathic communication.  It is a heightened ability to use the intuition we already have. When we take the time to stop and listen we can begin to “hear” many things. The word telepathy means “feeling at a distance” and “communication by means other than the normal sensory channel.” Animals communicate telepathically both among each other and to humans. People receive the messages to the degree they are listening or are perceptive to them. Telepathic communication can involve the direct transmission of feelings, thoughts, images, emotions, intentions, ideas, words, physical sensations, and pure knowing.

    Most children are born with the ability to communicate telepathically with their own and other species. Many adults have lost touch with this ability. Humans in our society are generally socialized to use verbal language as the accepted and “higher” mode of communication and discouraged from getting human or other species’ thoughts and feelings directly. We have come to depend on our verbal language and our conscious mind so much that it separates us from our connection to our whole selves, our intuitive selves, and our receptive-feeling selves.


You can learn to be connected again!

    Start by listening to your feelings and intuition! Intuition is like a muscle that needs exercise. In order for animal communication to take place one has to bypass the rational, linear mind.  This is done by quieting the mind and allowing it to become as still and empty of thoughts and “mind chatter” as possible.  The more you can connect with your feeling and heart the deeper your intuitive abilities will become.
How Can Animal Communication Help?

  • Deepens relationships
  • Finds solutions to behavioral problems
  • Can find where pain is present in the body
  • Comforts sick and injured animals
  • Can uncover emotional challenges
  • Helps discover likes and dislikes of animal
  • Find lost animals
  • Helps assess if animal is ready to transition
  • Talk to animals that are in the spirit realm
  • Can help orient animals to a new home
  • Helps integrate animals into the household

As an animal communicator and a healer it has always been important to me to respect the animals wisdom.  Animals have their own wisdom about situations and about what they need.  My goal is always for the animal to be a partner in the process, and to truthfully communicate what the animal has expressed to me.

    To Kelley, animal communication is about living and being in total harmony with the spirits of animals and with all of nature. From taking a walk in the woods, to looking at a beautiful flower or spending time with your animal friend, we can find peacefulness, joy, and love in the world around us and in ourselves. In learning to bridge the communication gap with animals we can improve our human relationships and inspire our own personal growth.

Please see the Consultations page to make an appointment for an Animal Communication session with Kelley. 

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