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Herbs Commonly Used For Animals

Alfalfa – Arthritis, increases appetite, high in vitamins and minerals.

Burdock root – Liver cleanser, dermatitis, dandruff, eczema, allergies, tumors.

Comfrey leaf & root – Internal and external wounds, inflammation, vitamins and minerals.

Chamomile – Stressed animals, digestive disorders, diarrhea.

Cornsilk – Bladder and kidney problems.

Chickweed – Digestive disorders, itchy skin, inflammation, kidney and bladder problems.

Catnip – Stimulant for cats!  Helps with digestion.

Dandelion root and leaf – Urinary problems, creaky joints, skin problems, liver disorders.

Echinacea – Immune disorders, lymphatic congestion, skin problems, allergies, poor health.

Eyebright – All kinds of eye problems: conjunctivitis, inflammation, swelling.

Garlic – Parasites and worms, infections, inflammation, skin problems, respiratory congestion.

Hawthorn – Strengthens heart, heart deficiencies, coronary irregularities.

Kelp – Source of minerals, debility, poor health, bone, skin, and thyroid problems.

Marshmallow – Cystitis, urinary incontinence, bladder stones, passage of furballs.

Nettles – Nutritious, high in vitamins and minerals, kidney soother, natural anti-histamine.

Oats and Oatstraw – Nervous system disorders, distemper, bone and skin problems.

Skullcap – Muscle spasms, nervous conditions, anxiety.

Valerian –Pain, nervous conditions, muscle spasms, digestive problems, creaky joints.

Wormwood – Intestinal parasites, worms.

Yellow Dock root – Cleanse the gall bladder and liver, anemia, constipation.

    As we walk through the gardens and fields we create a strong path of connection to the natural healing power of the Mother Earth.  Herbs have many special gifts. They are like secrets waiting to be discovered. Once you learn the special secrets of each, they are your friends for life.

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